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Welcome the the Northwest Building Salvage Network Website!

NBSN is a collaborative effort of Puget Sound businesses and organizations committed to promoting the salvage and reuse of building materials. Our mission is to encourage and enable contractors, homeowners, artists, designers and local government to save and reuse building materials in their projects.

Through this website you can learn more about building materials reuse: what's reusable, where to find reusable building materials, how to save materials from your building project and how to include reusable materials into your project.

You might be surprised by the following waste statistics.

-200,000 buildings are taken down each year nationwide.

-Construction and demolition waste currently makes up between a quarter and a third of all landfilled waste in Washington.

-Around 80% of our waste is shipped out of state because we have so few landfills with remaining capacity.

Based on statistics from the EPA, a 2000 square foot wood-frame house produces 127 tons (370 cubic yards) of demolition debris. Recoverable framing lumber alone makes up about 10% of this amount, averaging 6000 board feet, or 33 mature trees worth of wood. Often windows, doors, wood flooring and interior fixtures are reusable. In addition, everything from metal wiring and piping to brick and concrete foundations are recyclable. In total 60-95% of the material in a typical home could be kept out of landfills if the effort is made to recover it.


Thankfully there are a number of local waste diversion efforts underway. NBSN member stores divert around 150-300 tons of reusable building materials from the waste stream each month! Reuse contributes to more than just our environment. Local homeowners and contractors can receive tax benefits or sometimes even cash for qualified materials they divert from their project dumpsters. Additionally, building salvage and reuse helps our community to retain its architectural heritage. Inrecent years our member businesses have saved high quality materials from the Seattle Opera House, local churches and schools.

Through building salvage and reuse our community retains its architectural heritage. In recent years our member businesses have saved high quality materials from the Seattle Opera House, local churches and schools. These materials have been reused in local projects throughout our region.

Local salvage materials have even found their way into Hollywood movie sets, into Eddie Bauer and Vanity Fair photo shoots, and into award-winning trade show booths. For inspiration, be sure to check out our reuse ideas page.


We'll be adding material to our website regularly, so be sure to check back with us!